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BEST OF 2013 (Jan 2013 – June 2013) – Party All Night: 03:38 Lungi Dance: 00:17 Kabhi Jo Badal: 06:21 Alvida: 08:36 Yeh Tune Kya Kiya: 13:10 Blue Eyes: 18:15 Baarish: 22:17 Besharam: 25:08 Titli: 28:39 Har Kisi Ko: 32:31 1234: 35:42 Dil Tu Hi Bata: 39:34 We present to the collection of “Best […]

The film opens on an ordinary day in the lives of the families in a large apartment house in Chennai. Each family represents a different slice of early 1980s middle-class society. Kannan and Uma are a working couple. They enjoy the comforts of dual income, but their general lament is that their long work hours […]